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Email Account Management


  • Our powerful Email Control Center lets you decide how your business communicates.
  • Easily administer multiple email accounts, email users and other applications all in one place.
  • Receive only the email you want – We stop spam in its tracks to keep your inbox squeaky clean

Color Your World


  • You don’t live your life in black and white, so let your email reflect the colors of your world.
  • Make your email Workspace your own by adding your company logo.
  • Personalize emails with your signature, images and logos.
  • Color your workspace with any one of 12 colors.
  • Customize your toolbar – it’s as simple as drag and drop.

Don’t get lost in the crowd


  • Stand out from the competition by including your company name in your email address.
  • Reinforces your company or group branding every time you send or receive an email.

Manage Inbox with ease


  • Cut through clutter with features like message priority, highlighting, search and email filtering.
  • Receive and send emails from various email addresses with a single inbox.
  • Desktop notifier alerts you when you receive email.
  • Cisco IronPort® anti-spam program shuts out unwanted emails.

All-in-one Organization


  • Use the Web-based Workspace to move freely from your inbox to your Calendar (included), Online Storage (included) and Fax thru Email.
  • Staying on task and on track has never been easier!
  • Organize your messages by dragging and dropping them into folders.
  • Globally available servers mean shorter distances and faster delivery for your email.

Check Messages on the go


  • Hit the road knowing you have access to your email whenever or wherever via mobilemail.secureserver.net or use your own log in with your domain name.
  • Manage your email from any mobile device with an Internet browser or email client.
  • Works with all the popular smart phones, such as Droid®, BlackBerry® and iPhone®.
  • Install on Desktop based email clients for offline use – Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live

Your Email, your way


  • Iwebslog Email sets you free to send and receive messages just about anywhere!
  • Read your email on Microsoft Outlook® at work, Apple Mail® at home or your BlackBerry® at the gym.
  • Including from your Web browser, mobile phone, tablet and desktop clients like Outlook or Mac Mail.
  • Read and manage your RSS feeds and blogs all in one place from the Workspace Homepage.

What are you waiting for?


  • Send and receive email from your mobile device, iPhone®, BlackBerry®, Droid® or with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook® or Apple Mail®.
  • Organize your world with customizable message priority, colors and rules.
  • Powerful anti-spam software provides peace of mind and security.
  • Market your business by customizing your email with your brand.
  • It’s fast, secure and easy-to-use. It’s email your way!